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Monday, April 25, 2011

Me, Myself, and I

Greetings! I am Hanna Chanel Landon! Yes I ave already Blogged once, but that was not explaing who is the Blogger! I didnt realy explain myself. My name is Hanna Chanel Landon! I am from mobile, AL! but i am Korean, cherokee, and White!:) I ABSOLUTLY LOVE my friends! they are my lifelines! I easily get lost in music and the arts! i am a beginer violiinist. Although,I have now decided to quite the violin. Only because its not the instrument for me. It was VERY hard, but I like to try new things. And it was fun while it lasted. I had a tuff childhood. And I know some of you guys are all "What is she talking about, childhood, She still is a child!" Yes, infact I am, I a curently 13 and still ticking. But my when I was young, my home life was INCREDEBALY unsatisfying. You see i was raised by a very sick mother. and when I say sick I mean "alchoholic and drug atict." So I practicly raised myself. So what im saying is that i am not a child anymore. I am grown because I have made it on my own, like grownup's. Ofcourse my mother was actuAlly there with me bt she wasnt fully there. Just her body. And I thank god that she pulled herself together before it was too much to handle. My mom has now been clean at least 3 months! I have two beautiful baby brothers named Quin,who is 2. And Levi, who is 1! They are very annoying at times, but i am lucky to have them. I LOVE make-up! its one of my favorite things! that and my phone ofcourse! May favorite collor is orange! maybe yellow. I cant decide! Schools ok, its not my favorite thing. But its going to play a HUGR roll in my life someday. I plan on going to college to be a vet in some form. Im torn between a marine biologists, Zoologists, and a Veteranarian for exotic animals! But when i say "I plan to go to college" that means i am realy going. Not just go a year and quite. NIA! (thats no in german by the way) I am going! and im not giving up! its time for me to shine baby!:)

love always,
Hanna C. Landon
From somewhere in the south

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